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Your battery should last longer.

  • Cut the power after charging your phone
  • Take control of your charge
  • Extends your battery life - no more overcharging.

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* You need additional hardware to use Ace Charge.




Night Mode

Safely charge your phone while you sleep.

Express Mode

Change between featured charging profiles to suit your device.


Safely overcharge your battery to keep it lasting longer.

Ace Charge

We all know that our phones and tablets eventually don't last for as long as they used to.
Batteries simply aren't designed to last. You upgrade your phone, buy charge kits or try optimisers but none of these really solve the problem. Battery manufacturers recommend that you stick to a routine to keep your battery healthy in the long run, but this means sticking to (yet) another schedule. On newer devices the problem isn't as bad, but your phone still heats up - especially if you use a case.
Ace Charge has been made possible using Home Automation technology. By utilising Belkin WeMo smart power switches you can charge perfectly, every time - automatically.  
You need a Belkin WeMo or Belkin WeMo Insight switch to use Ace Charge. After you set up your WeMo, you can use one of three charging profiles below.
  • Night Mode - Charge while you sleep.

    Overcharging your battery like this over a long period of time gradually reduces your battery's capacity. Night Mode protects your phone from over charging by completely disconnecting your phone from the power source when the time is right.
  • Express Mode - custom charge profiles

    Express Mode allows you to choose between one of three charging profiles to suit your needs. You can also fine-tune your charge with Advanced mode to take complete control of your charging routine.
  • Trickle Charge - Safely overcharge your battery.

    Trickle mode keeps charging your device after it reaches 100%. Trickle charging can help improve your battery lifespan and capacity.

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